With a new GIRAFFE service you can exchange your used tower crane for a new GIRAFFE crane. The difference in the cost is paid additionally.

Taking part in the Trade-in program, you are continuing to develop your business. Exchange your used crane for a new more effective and easy to use crane, which can be operated by your company right here and right now.

You can buy a new tower crane according to the following Trade-in scheme:

  1. GIRAFFE experts evaluate your tower crane on the base of its production year, operating time and technical conditions and agree the value with you.
  2. You choose a new GIRAFFE tower crane and its kitting.
  3. If an agreement is reached, a documented sale of the used crane is carried out. Then your company becomes an owner of a new GIRAFFE tower crane.

The KB-408.21 tower cranes (version 02) regardless of production year, tower cranes of other manufacturers (to be agreed) are taking part in the Trade-in program.

We are ready to deliver TDK and SMK tower cranes.

The difference in the cost has to be paid by your own funds or through a leasing company.

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact our sales experts: +7-351-729-92-93.