GIRAFFE offer their customers a range of services:

• consulting and information services connected with service of equipment produced by GIRAFFE;

• erection training, control and operation of the following models of tower cranes:

TDK-10.215- NTK

TDK-8.155 / TDK-8.180

SMK-5.66 / SMK-3.33

SMK-10.200 (КБ-408.21)

providing ability to be on building site during work;

erection and disassembling of tower and gantry cranes

erection supervision includes measures to be taken to manage planning and implementation of the actions to be taken to deliver and erect equipment when erection is performed by the customer's technicians. Performance of erection supervision on the part of the Customers company requires team consists from qualified erectors obtaining effective permission and access for performance these types of works.

All types of works are carried out by the certified technicians with extensive experience in maintenance and repair.

GIRAFFE guarantees high quality of work, carried out in the shortest possible time at affordable prices.