We put our knowledge, talent and innovative approach to create the ideal construction tool that people around the world can rely on. GIRAFFE cranes are designed for comfortable and safe work — our clients can easily reach any height.

Tower cranes

Cranes GIRAFFE notable for their high quality and high performance.  All the cranes are made of strong steel, they are manufactured with the use of durable construction elements and spare parts by the leading European manufacturers. However, once in a while even such high-quality spare parts need to be replaced due to damage or normal tear and wear.

By taking an umbrella approach, we also offer a wide range of tower crane spare parts. 

High-quality spare parts are delivered within the contractual time of delivery to any site worldwide. We continuously decrease the delivery time of spare parts.

Please refer to the contact indicated on the Contact Us page. We are always happy to answer your questions. We will assist you in choosing the most suitable spare parts and negotiate all the crucial terms, such as the cost of the spare parts, our warranty policy as well as the delivery method and time. 

Collaboration with our company is a guarantee of uninterrupted operation.  Our timely delivery of top notch tower crane spare parts will eliminate the need to freeze construction or hoisting operations, saving your time and financial resources.